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About Us

Our Experience

We are proud of the strengths we have painstakingly built and continue to build. Flourish was founded on the strength of the CPA designation, years of business management experience, decades of emerging technology studies and deployments, and a lifetime of learning how to engage humans to press themselves to leverage their talents and grow their abilities. 

Business and Management consultants with Industry experience including:

Field Service Operations
HVAC/R & Plumbing 
Electrical Contracting
Safety & Quality Management
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Management
Heavy Manufacturing
Light Manufacturing
Film and Media Production
Fishery & Marine Services
Retail & Wholesale Distribution
Not for Profit Sector 

Our Approach

We learn what makes you and your business tick, and then we design the combination of people, processes, and systems that will make your business tick better. 

At Flourish, we understand that new technology cannot produce a return on the business investment if the company doesn't adapt and leverage its new potential.  Adapting your processes and team capabilities to new technology takes vision, design, deep business understanding, and the patience to work through the challenges of transformational change.  We know the hurdles, and we know how to coach people to soar past hurdles with greater confidence and success than ever before.

We work with industry leading software solutions to bring the best solution for your needs. 

Why Us?

We choose to work with clients who align with our passion for people-centric sustainable business growth.  We passionately believe the innovation required to drive sustainable growth is not plug and play. If you build teams of good people who are focused on a clear purpose,  they will out-smart, out-work, and out-deliver bigger, more egocentric teams of superstars everyday of the week.  Not so sure? Ask Orville and Wilbur Wright.  [If you don’t know about O&W Wright, ask us, because it is a great story :-) ]

Flourish is a people, process, systems workshop for creative thinking. We thrive where others shy away; we get started where others give up; we encourage where others dismiss; we bring good people back to life. We support the entrepreneurial dreams of our fellow business owners by playing full out for the same entrepreneurial aspirations in our own company. 

If you think you would love a fresh perspective in your business, connect with us for a chat. You have nothing to lose and every possible blessing to gain.

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