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How We Deliver Business Transformation Leadership for Today's SMEs

KCAAS© - Dream Team as a Service

Dream Team Bringing Amazing Expertise

You wish you had people who could drive your growth. You need expert knowledge for finance, administration, operations, and technology adaptation, but who can afford that dream team?  

You can!  Engage Flourish's KCAAS - Knowledge Consultants as a Service!  

We mentor your existing team to develop personally and professionally. Over time, your internally developed talent team is able to handle the new opportunities and challenges that arise in a growing company. 

When you can afford your own dream team, we help you design the roles, recruit for the talent you need to add, and we transition our roles to your new permanent staff.

Customized to suit your needs and budget, our plans make your dream team achievable.

S2S Technology Consulting for Small to Mid-Sized Business

Lots of technology exists; lots of companies fail to get any ROI on their technology investments.  We help you evaluate & select the tech you need for the jobs you do, and then we help you use it wisely!

Whether you are struggling with slow financial close and reporting, payroll inefficiencies and errors, inventory loss or chaos, customer service errors, sales conversion problems or sales process deficiencies, you know your business could be better.  

We all experience challenges with reaching our potential business excellence, but you can make amazing progress with the right support. 

Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S), we sit with your team to ensure every user,  process, and system is aligned with your company vision to achieve sustainably profitable growth. 

Disaster Prevention and Restoration

The best plan is to prevent disaster; the second best plan is to know how to respond to restore your business operations as quickly as possible. 

By partnering with a global leader in offsite, secure storage and restoration services, Flourish will document your risk profile, automate your backup processes, monitor your system to proactively identify backup problems, and provide periodic test restores to ensure you have restorable data if you ever need to rely on your backup.  

Flourish can also provide "just in case" restoration sites in case your business suffers physical damage that prevents operations at your normal site. 

We help you assess threats to your business, and we help you develop the playbook for the day disaster strikes so you get back up and running successfully.